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Turning sake into an asset

You can purchase sake with NFT and set your preferred storage period to age it. Why not try cultivating your own favorite sake from a wide range of options, rather than just drinking it straight away?

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First, log in to Sake World NFT and create an account. You can sign in with your email address or Google account.

Search for sake

You can search for sake by category, collection, etc. You can check the characteristics of sake by following the link on the product detail page.

Buy Sake

Once you find your favorite sake, purchase it. Choose to have it shipped immediately or stored and shipped later. For immediate shipping, enter your shipping address, and for storage and shipping, proceed directly to payment. You can purchase with not only cryptocurrency but also credit card.

Add storage options

If you select "Store and ship," you will also need to select the maximum number of years for storage. *Storage option fees will be added depending on the number of years for storage.

Start Here: A Quick Guide

If you're getting any issue, check the help articles for starting guide and more.

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What is Sake World NFT?
With Sake World NFT, you can not only purchase NFTs that can be exchanged for specific Japanese sake, but also reserve Japanese sake to be brewed in the future and pick it up after it has been aged!
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